No showcase has ever been able to tell a story. Tecais.

With Teca you’ll be able to surprise, fascinate and touch your clients getting them involved into an emotional original experience with a guaranteed wow-effect able to convey your brand and products with originality.



Thanks to an original hidden system of projection, the product discloses its essence and its history modifying live its material, its colors and its finishes.


Immerse your clients into an unforgettable story and get them emotionally involved with special effects and touching videos.

Innovative marketing strategy

Sell by creating emotions. Touch in a direct way without any device. Augmented reality 2.0

More about you

Show what your brand delivers. Enhance its values and passion as you have never been able to do before.

Amaze your customers

Surprise your clients and make them fall in love with your brand.

Show and tell

Give life to your brand directly on your product.

More than a spot: an experience

Break the traditional rules and give your clients what they are looking for: an experience.

Teca™ can be used in different areas.

Its original projecting technology and its polished design make Teca an extremely versatile showcase which is able to adapt to every context and give life to touching immersive experiences.




Food & Beverage

Technical Information

People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

Seth Godin

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